Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Our compassionate, empathetic team of From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coaches is here to journey with you as you navigate this wilderness of grief.  When you work with one of our coaches, you get the best results, the biggest breakthroughs, and the greatest transformations.   Request a complimentary conversation with the coach of your choice.  Come back soon to find additional From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coaches.


Rev. Eudora Heath

Hyattsville, Maryland

The Reverend Eudora Heath is an ordained Baptist minister who possesses a deep desire to partner with individuals grieving the loss of a loved one.  As a certified Grief Coach, Eudora recognizes that there are many faces of grief and, therefore, each person’s grief journey is unique to themselves.  Nevertheless, Eudora emphasizes that the first step to moving forward in this journey is Giving Yourself Permission to Grieve.  Reverend Heath utilizes proven industry tools and resources to gently and compassionately guide her clients to incorporate their Loss into a Life that Honors the Legacy of the Person who has died.  Reverend Heath is married to her best friend, Archie.  They reside in the State of Maryland.  Eudora is a native Washingtonian and Archie hails from Charlotte, North Carolina.  They have two adult daughters, Felece and Olivia, one adult son, Ronald and four precious grandchildren. 


Reverend Heath can be reached at to arrange for a one-time free 30-minute consultation. Please refer to “Grief Coaching” in your subject line.  


Rose Smith

Central City, Kentucky

Are you STUCK in your own personal cocoon?   Let Rose Smith journey alongside you to help heal your broken heart. She holds out a vision of helping as many clients as possible start over after a loss of a loved one or other losses in their life. Speaking her truth from a place of unconditional love and gratitude, she will help you overcome your blocks and fear that is keeping you paralyzed in your cocoon. Creating a celebration of life for your loved one and yourself. Shaking the dust off your tattered wings of grief. Helping heal your broken pieces by creating a personalized road map for you to follow your OWN healing yellow brick road. Knocking down those cocoon walls together. When you are ready, she will help build your wings to break out of your cocoon to FLY ... finding a Colorful, Magical place to live again. The magic begins outside your comfort zone. She's right beside you through your grief to gratitude journey. Escape the Goo of your cocoon. Awaken your Butterfly.

Contact Rose for a free 30 minute consult at Looking forward to our journey together.


Evangelist Patricia M. Blaino

Bowie, Maryland

Evangelist Patricia M. Blaino lost her husband, of 46 years, in 2012 with a spontaneous departure due to his ongoing diabetic condition. Her husband's death left a severe void, needless to say, but in turn birthed an extreme PEACE which cannot be explained.  Before the death of her husband, her family circle had begun to diminish with close members leaving one or even two at a time. No one could explain this emptiness inside or even how to cope with the pain of it during the years of grieving and the reoccurring pain of grief.  Now she has come to the season in her life that she must seek answers. She states, "I must get the answers to the questions that I have been asking God to help me to understand. He told me it is in His Promises that He has made toward us." She came to understand that the answer was His peace in her life.  Evangelist Blaino has learned that grief is vast. Not only does it encompass the loss of a loved one, but it could be someone grieving their health, finances, livelihood and just life itself. From her story, she has now learned to unveil the same peace of God that He has placed in His children.   Evangelist Blaino is a mother of four (4) wonderful adult children, grandmother of seven (7) and GG Ma of one (1). As a survivor of breast cancer, she finds herself serving at The Way of the Cross Church of Christ, International. She is a Missionary, Evangelist, Prayer Warrior, National Christian Education Assistant Director and Graduate of the Apostolic Christian College.  "My purpose is to listen and help transition someone to His Abundant Life.  “From Grief to Gratitude."

ASSUAGE ALLAY - "Pain Diminished".   To schedule a complimentary consultation with Evangelist Blaino, contact her at

Come back soon for additional From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coaches.