Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Read what graduates of the program are saying . . .

"The magnitude of the ripple effect from this class is immeasurable! Dora has put together such a wonderful program and the amount of people benefitting is enormous. I was in a place in my life when I knew that I wanted to continue helping people through grief but didn't know how to. This class was a godsend. Not only did it help me find a new career but helped me in every aspect of my life. Her encouragement, knowledge, expertise and love will live on in her students and the lives they touch for years to come." ~~ Teisha Casasanta, Atlanta, GA

"I was divinely guided to the Grief to Gratitude Certification Coaching Program. With open heart and willing spirit, I received the guidance on how I to incorporate grief coaching, guidance, and services in my ministry. It all began when I said, "Yes!"" ~~ Rev. Dr. Anthony Farmer, Mount Rainier, MD

"Finding this program felt very much like finding a little cabin in the wilderness when you're cold, wet, lost, hungry and tired. It has give me correct information, connection with like minded people, a platform, many tools, reassurance, hope, direction and inspiration to help myself and others for the grief journey." ~~ Nicci Davis, Chicago, IL

"Dora is truly dedicated and passionate about her work. It's obvious that her knowledge is something she wants to share as a legacy because she was so patient with all our questions and had lots of resources and examples for us. I highly recommend this course if you have suffered a loss personally, or if you want to add it to your existing coaching curriculum or if you want to go into grief specifically. There are so many opportunities. The part I enjoyed the most was that now I actually have tools to comfort people that are suffering from grief. That's empowering." ~~ VS, Denver, CO

"This program came at a time when I desperately needed it. I walked out my ground through it and am so excited to help others do the same. Dora is an amazing teacher and person." ~~ Dawn Christiansen Tulare,CA 

"When I found Dora, I had just written my first book that came out of my own grief experience, and was looking to have a certification behind my name so I could help people with their own unique grief journey. What I found was that I recognized and improved on my own limiting beliefs, and strengthened my value knowing that the grief from my own loss could serve others in my imperfections." ~~  Kristina Risinger- Jacksonville, FL

"I am so grateful to Dora for creating this From Grief to Gratitude program. I loved everything about her and how she ran her intimate, full of love coaching program. I learned so much about how to support and nurture anyone going through grief and I feel confident after working with 2 clients throughout the program to help many more. I appreciated how honest Dora was about her journey in supporting client through grief and all that she learned in her career. Dora is down to earth, genuine, loving and AMAZING! She breathes belief into everyone she meets and you can't help but believe in your success and impact. Thank you for being you Dora! You are loved." ~~ Jen Kerkado, Commit to Explore Coaching

"If you are struggling with death and don’t know what will help, think about giving back by taking the Grief to Gratitude coaching course. It will help you to see just how fragile life is and that we all need to live life while we are here. Giving back by helping others through their unique journey is the best self healing I have ever experienced." ~~ Brooke Watts, Scoffield UT

"I am truly grateful for this Program. If only I would have had this information years ago while experiencing many losses in my own life. I love helping people. Now I feel confident I'm equipped with the tools to fully make an impact on other’s lives as it's made a difference in mine. I look forward to journeying with my clients, and moving them From Grief to Gratitude, and helping them create their own legacy."  ~~ Rose Smith, Central City, Kentuck

"I am so grateful to have found this program. While transitioning from my own grief to gratitude, I was also obtaining the tools and techniques to help others along their grief journeys. This program is packed with information and support and Dora is truly an angel on Earth." ~~ Heidi, Windsor, VT

"From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program was the right choice for me. For with the loss of my husband, I experienced the devastation of grief but because I did the grief work I now find gratitude in the life I had, have, and will have! I hope to help others to do the same with what I learned!" ~~ Cheryl Collins Gatons, Greensburg, PA

"The question was asked, about 24 hours ago… What am I grateful for?  I am grateful for God's gift of this abundant life.  Reflecting on my past five years, aware of the many storms arising and subsiding in my life.  The many ups and downs… grateful that I can put them all in its rightful place and continue to MOVE FORWARD.  Grateful for you Ms. Dora, for opening up some paths to do what I have known I was called to do.  To make a compassionate move to continue to heal myself while supporting others.  I know Dora there is a purpose and destiny for me as I continue to move forward and not get STUCK.  Thank you for your TOOL KIT for life." ~~ Patricia Blaino, Bowie, Maryland

"I am glad that I was introduced to this program and I have learned a lot.  I plan on starting my own business with grief coaching in the future.  I just want to give back to my community and to uplift and empower them as they grieve the loss of their loved ones.  I send my love and condolences to all lost lives of these wonderful people in my hometown." ~~ Yasmine Johnson, Horntown, Virginia

"My experience with Mrs. Carpenter's class was great to say the least. The humble spirit she displayed made the class go well for me because she allowed as many questions that needed clarity to be asked. Her wisdom about grief is really phenomenal. The list of things on her website that describes the experience she had with people loosing their loved one, well in the classroom it shows with all her knowledge.When someone didn't understand something she used anologies that painted a good picture." ~~ A.M., Charlotte, North Carolina