Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking

If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.  If I can ease one life the aching, or cool one pain, or help  one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain.

Emily Dickinson


Dora Carpenter, Founder and Program Director, says that the painful emotions of loss can leave one in a dark and hopeless place of despair. A Time Magazine article reported that it can take five to eight years to recover from a loss such as the loss of a spouse.* Dora believes that it doesn’t have to take that long, and says that with information, tools, and doing the grief work, one can move from grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible.

In sharing her story, Dora Carpenter says, “My best friend, my hero, my Dad, died many years ago, and I became a member of the statistical group that takes five to eight years to move through my grief. I didn’t know that help was available, so I only relied on the myth that it just takes time. My mother transitioned two days before Mother’s Day, and my husband six days before my inaugural Feel the Fear® workshop. Yes, I felt the fear and did the workshop anyway in his honor. Grief bursts? Sure, I have them from time to time, and always at the most inappropriate times. I am grateful for the opportunity to personally practice what I teach and train other coaches to help individuals move through grief in the shortest time possible.”

Right now, you may feel hurt, powerless, alone, and even fearful. You may be overwhelmed and seemingly paralyzed by the many emotions of grief while trying to understand and hold it all together. Maybe others close to you have become seemingly tired of hearing your repeated feelings of loss, so by suppressing them you are now feeling alone.  You don’t have to travel this road alone or merely sit back and wait on time to magically heal your grief.  From Grief to Gratitude Certified Coaches will partner with you as a non-judgmental listener, support you, and compassionately guide you through a proven methodology empowering you through your grief journey and beyond.  Being able to shift from the darkness of grief to a safe place of love and gratitude is a game changer.  If you are committed to moving to a place of peace, comfort, love, and happiness, having a grief coach to companion you ensures that you reach your destination in the shortest time possible.  You also might find that the process of resolving your own grief births a desire to help others do the same.

*Reported in Time Magazine article, “The New Science of Happiness


Dora Carpenter blends her years of experience working with hundreds of families in the death care industry and her personal experiences with loss and grief to train and certify grief coaches. She says that grief is not to be fixed or cured, but is a necessary part of the experience of transitioning from a place of despair to one of hope. Her mission is to help individuals move from pain to peace, heartbreak to happiness, and grief to gratitude in the shortest time possible.

Dora Carpenter is a certified life coach, certified grief coach, certified consumer's funeral consultant, and a former licensed Feel the Fear® trainer.  She is also Founder of The Aniya Center, a non-profit organization providing grief coaching support services to residents of Washington, D.C.  The National Association of Distinguished Professionals has recognized Dora Carpenter as a professional in her field and she has been featured in Women of Distinction Magazine.  A magnetic speaker, coach, trainer, and author, she has appeared as a guest on various media outlets.

Dora says, “I humbly express extreme appreciation to the many families that have allowed me to become a part of their lives and share in their stories, experiences, and journeys.  My heart and soul have been filled and I am forever grateful.”

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What Others Are Saying . . .

"Yes, we have to have you on for another podcast! You are actually an authority on grief whether you know it or not. I'd like to focus on the helpful things a person can say to someone who is grieving and the supportive actions family and friends can use to support a grieving individual. Dora, it's not just that you know what you're talking about - it's clear that you've walked your talk AND are embodying. That doesn't mean that any of this stuff is easy - exactly the opposite, for that appears to be the definition of mastery: you've put in the blood, sweat, and tears and now from the "outside" it all looks like it's a breeze :)" ~~ Robert “Bob” Wright, Jr., Ph.D., COFT, Florida  (listen to podcast here)

"I just listened to your webinar and found it to be very emotionally rewarding.  It brought back many fond and loving memories of the blessed time we [my husband and I] shared.  I thank and praise God for you and the work that you're doing to enable others to move from grief to gratitude.  Keep up the good work." ~~ T. Minnick, Maryland

"I am pleased to share how impactful the two sessions on grief conducted by Dora Carpenter were. Our class was held inside of the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.  The participants were grieving various losses, from children to parents, etc.  We were all tremendously blessed and encouraged by the insight and wisdom we received from Ms. Carpenter.  She not only encouraged us to move forth, but she also challenged us to live our lives to the fullest, while providing practical steps we could take to do so.  I highly recommend this for anyone who is in the grieving process, as well as anyone who wants to help someone who is.  In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to discover her counsel also included ways to make preparation for that day when we all must face dealing with the death of a loved one." ~~ Lettie Carr, Chaplain, Women's Correctional Center, Maryland

“My coaching experience was absolutely wonderful.  It was the best week of my life because my coach tailored my instructions to fit me which encouraged me to see them in a different light and most importantly my coach listened to me.  I even went out of town and was thrilled that she came with me via the phone!  I was able to take ownership of the things that I was not doing and effectively implement the things that I knew I should be doing in a timely manner, resulting in a happier more effective me!  I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything in the world because I am still on top of my game thanks to her.  My session ended some time ago and I am still encouraged by and overjoyed with this life changing experience.” ~~ R. Prather, Maryland