Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Rhonda Cornwall, M.A.

As a Certified From Grief to Gratitude Coach, I am committed to supporting those who are journeying through grief. Having experienced loss myself I am passionate about helping those who are facing life without someone they love know that hope is possible.

Services Offered:   

One on one and group grief recovery

Life and crisis coaching

I developed Hope’s Dwelling, a life, grief, and crisis coaching business located in the Cayman Islands as a result of my own personal grief. After the loss of my father I have been drawn to helping others in their grief recovery journey, knowing personally what it is like to live without someone important to you. My eyes were also opened to the fact that grief can happen as a result of any type of significant loss, such as a loss of a job or relationship. I am dedicated to helping others live hoped filled lives. I graduated from Liberty University with a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and I am a Certified From Grief to Gratitude Coach. 

My professional experience has allowed me to work with a diverse group of clients including counseling at a trauma hospital where I had to opportunity to work one on one with those impacted by a medical crisis, including those suffering with cancer. My experience in this area provided me with the expertise to assist my own father when he was faced with his own medical crisis. It is through this experience that I gained first-hand knowledge of what it takes to support those who are facing a difficult time. As a certified From Grief to Gratitude Coach, I can also apply my own personal understanding of grief.

I work one on one with clients to support them and assist them in making a plan for a positive way forward for their lives. Client needs are priority and direct the coaching relationship. I am an empathic coach who understands the importance of partnering with my clients to bring about the best possible results.