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Integrate Grief Coaching for Profound Client Transformation

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Deepen your impact as a coach and support your clients through one of life’s most challenging experiences. Incorporating grief coaching into your existing service offerings is a game changer and can revolutionize your practice.

Why Grief Coaching?


Grief is a universal human experience that touches every aspect of life, yet it's often overlooked or misunderstood in the coaching realm. By integrating grief coaching into your practice, you'll not only meet your clients where they are emotionally but also equip them with the tools to navigate loss and emerge stronger than before.

Diversify Your Skill Set:

As a coach, you already possess a unique set of skills for facilitating personal growth and development. By adding grief coaching to your repertoire, you'll expand your toolkit, enabling you to address a wider range of client needs and challenges. When your clients are grappling with the loss of a loved one, you'll be equipped to provide compassionate support and guidance every step of the way.



Enhance Client Outcomes:

Grief has a profound impact on every aspect of an individual's life, from their relationships and career to their sense of self-worth and purpose. By integrating grief coaching into your practice, you'll empower your clients to navigate their grief journey with resilience, fostering healing, growth, and transformation along the way. As a result, you'll not only deepen your client relationships but also enhance their overall outcomes and satisfaction with your coaching services.



Continuity of Service:

One of the key benefits of integrating grief coaching into your practice is the continuity of service it provides for your clients. Unlike traditional coaching approaches where clients may temporarily discontinue coaching due to overwhelming grief, incorporating grief coaching ensures that your clients receive ongoing support and guidance during their most challenging times. By offering a seamless transition from your regular coaching services to specialized grief coaching, you'll demonstrate your commitment to being there for your clients every step of the way, fostering trust and loyalty in your coaching relationships.



Personal Growth:


Your journey as a coach is not just about guiding others; it's also an opportunity for profound personal growth and transformation. As you integrate grief coaching into your practice, you'll find yourself confronted with your own unresolved grief and emotional challenges. By working through these experiences, you'll embark on a personal grief journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Your personal growth will not only enhance your effectiveness as a coach but also deepen your empathy, understanding, and connection with your clients.



Position Yourself as a Leader:

In today's competitive coaching landscape, differentiation is key to standing out and attracting clients. By offering grief coaching as part of your services, you'll distinguish yourself as a compassionate and holistic coach who is committed to supporting clients through all aspects of their personal growth journey. This unique specialization will not only attract new clients seeking specialized support but also solidify your reputation as a leader in the coaching industry.


Elevate your coaching practice with our ICF-accredited Self-Directed Online From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program

From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program

Dora Carpenter’s Signature From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Work through personal unresolved grief, learn to support others, and become a Certified Grief Coach from the comfort of your home or office and on your own schedule. The Self-Directed Online Program includes video, text, and audio content and downloadable workbook and resources/tool kit. You have 365 days access to the portal.

Whether you're a seasoned coach looking to expand your offerings or just starting out in the field, adding this valuable grief coach certification can transform your practice and revolutionize the way you support your clients.

Exclusive Offer for Coaches Only

Online Certification | Silver Program


The Regular Program Cost is $777

The Program Cost for Coaches is Only $477


ICF-credentialed coaches (ACC, PCC, MCC) take an additional $77 off the cost and pay only $400. Send credential verification to to receive access to discounted registration.


Join the ranks of elite coaches who are leading the way in holistic, compassionate coaching by integrating grief coaching into your practice today. Your clients—and your coaching practice—will thank you for it!

Be sure to use coupon code COACHESONLY at checkout.

"I've been working with grief clients and grief support groups for over two years and I didn't realize how healing a gratitude-focused approach can be. It helps the client shift their perspective on how they see grief and healing."  Frank Comparato, Andover, MA


"A great program not only for my coaching business, but also for my personal grief journey and development. Thanks to this program I was able to shift towards gratitude. The extremely sensitive, safe, and welcoming environment that Dora created was what allowed me to stop resisting, accept the situation, and look forward new future. Thank you Dora, you are a role model for me. You live what you teach."  Beata, Slovakia


“Training was phenomenal! I'm a trained social worker and trained mental health therapist. However this training taught me soooo much more. I will truly be able to provide wraparound services now that aren't placed in a box. Thank you for all that you do and what a blessing you are.”


"I so enjoyed this program.  While I did the self-paced Silver Program, I found it very clear and easy to follow.  Dora’s honest and down to earth style of teaching made me feel that I too could skillfully hold space for others in their grief. I already work as a facilitator of a grief yoga therapy program, so I have some experience working with grief.  However, this program added so many additional tools to my toolkit and I can see how to incorporate them with my clients for even deeper healing. Many thanks for a beautiful program."


“Dora Carpenter and her “from grief to gratitude” program offers a methodology for approaching grief in a way that both gives one both permission to grieve and permission to move forward to a life without the loved one. The training is also beneficial to a coach trainee who has experienced loss as Dora and all the trainees, as part of the educational process, provide space for co-trainees to express/process their grief and to create a legacy out of their pain.”  Vivian Brown-Toussaint, JD, MDiv.

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