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Jennifer L. Landon, M.Ed.


Manchester, New Hampshire

About Jennifer

When my friend and colleague lost her son during a military training accident in June 2022, I was at a loss how to support her. My research led me to the From Grief to Gratitude Grief Certification Training Program. Completing this program propelled me into a new direction where I discovered my "compassionate calling" and started my "Your Grief Matters" business and Facebook group. I've since furthered my education and became a Certified Construction Suicide Prevention Trainer, Mental Health First Aid Responder and Recovery Friendly Workplace Advocate.


My hope is to normalize conversations around death, loss and grief, as well as mental health awareness, suicide prevention and recovery in the workplace. My platform is ever growing and currently includes business consulting, national and regional conference presentations, workshops and formal trainings, podcasts, written publications and social media. My passion is complimented by my skill to research and customize content upon request. In addition to my “compassionate calling,” I serve as the Vice President for Education & Workforce Development for Associated Builders & Contractors NH/VT where I oversee the education and training initiatives, as project manager for the I Build NH/VT Workforce Development initiatives and co-facilitate the Future Leaders in Construction program.


I truly wish the circumstances that propelled me into this line of work never happened. But here I am - on a mission to educate individuals and organizations on the importance of grief education, mental health awareness, suicide prevention, advocating for recovery friendly workplaces and creating workplace cultures that value psychological safety.


I am grateful for my husband for his support and encouragement to continue expanding my professional and personal development.


​​I provide business consulting services, informative and interactive conference presentations, customized trainings and public workshops on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Grief Education & Training

  • Construction Suicide Prevention

  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Psychological Safety

  • DISC Behavioral Preferences

  • Leadership Training

  • Jobsite Leadership & Communication


Offers Complimentary Discovery Calls

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