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Christina Renee (Ferguson)

The Silent Grief of Infidelity and Divorce

Washington, District of Columbia

About Christina

Meet Christina Renee, Mom, Founder of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, Author, Infidelity and Divorce Coach.  

Christina Renee strongly believes that we do not make it out of hardship and adversity to keep it to ourselves. She openly shares her story of pregnancy loss, marital infidelity, separation, reconciliation, church hurt, custody battle, and divorce with the hopes of touching the hearts of women. She has a passion to show women the possibility of healing and creating a life that they are proud of; a life of fulfillment and bliss. Christina Renee’s philosophy is that you can rise above any circumstance and create a beautiful ending. Christina is vulnerable to a fault and has embraced that her purpose in life is to lead with vulnerability, love, and to be a beacon of light.

Christina’s coaching style is warm and comforting; often described as, “Coaching with Christina is like talking to my best friend.” Her unique coaching style is centered around what she considers the pillars of healing –hope, confidence, reflection, self-discovery, inspired action, and transformation. Yes, Christina is a Certified Professional Coach, but she has also lived through the pain of infidelity and divorce which makes her relatable and adds to your coaching experience.

​There comes a point in the journey where you must say YES to self, YES to healing, and simply make the choice to GET UP. 

Christina is the Founder of Infidelity Hurts Awareness Day, Certified Coach, former Beyond Affairs Network Coordinator, and former licensed Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway® trainer. A native Washingtonian and graduate of Hampton University, she also works in the field of Oncology Clinical Research and considers herself a life learner. Currently pursuing her doctorate degree. Christina’s greatest accomplishment is being Madison’s mommy.

Services Offered

  • The Get Up Experience Online Program
  • Infidelity and Divorce Coaching
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