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Tisa Roberts, M.Div., PCC

Denver, Colorado

Tisa Roberts, M.Div., is an International Coaching Federation certified professional coach (ICF-PCC) whose clients experience breakthroughs in living lives fully connected to their own wisdom. 

About Tisa

Tisa is an expert at guiding her clients to deeper levels of self-awareness and actualizing their dreams of creating work that reflects their values. Tisa guides others to listen to the wisdom that is within and to take the next right steps forward. She has earned a solid reputation as a strategic coaching partner because of her gentle, unassuming presence and her ability to reveal areas of potential growth with her pointed, generative questions that propel her clients forward. Tisa’s clients and colleagues value her humorous and holistic approach to communicating and her ability to inspire the right actions for each individual. As an active member of ICF-Global & ICF-Colorado, Tisa continues to hone her coaching craft.

Tisa is a Certified Enneagram Consultant in the Narrative Tradition with over 25 years of personal and professional experience working with the Enneagram. She continues to deepen her understanding through membership in International Enneagram Association (IEA) and ongoing professional development with the Deep Coaching Institute.

Before launching her private practice, Tisa served as an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ, a progressive mainline denomination. As an inter-spiritual teacher and innovator, she served in the parish as well as successfully helped to launch and revitalize dozens of nonprofits and conscious companies. Tisa has taught and spoken widely on topics of spirituality, transformational leadership, peace & justice, and practical theology.

Are you ready for a change? Contact Tisa to set up a complimentary session! 

Services Offered

  • Grief Coaching
  • Transition Coaching & Life Design
  • Enneagram Assessment & Coaching
  • Burn-out Prevention & Recovery
  • Spiritual Practice & Meditation Teaching
  • Partnership & Team Development
  • Accountability & Time-Management
  • Enneagram Coaching for Couples
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