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Susanna Gilbertson, MSW, ACC

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I am an International Coaching Federation Certified Coach, a certified Grief to Gratitude coach, facilitator, educator and masters-level social worker. I bring my 20 years of experience as a social worker to my coaching practice. 

About Susanna

I offer online grief support and coaching for mothers grieving the death of their mother.

Living without your mom is hard.

Living without your mom while parenting is REALLY hard.

Mother’s Day? Watching your friends’ moms help with their kids? The anniversary of your mom’s death?

Yeah, it’s all really rough.

What if we knew that grief is sacred?

What if no one asked us to “get over it” or “move on”?

What if we could keep grieving AND find joy and purpose?

The work we do together will be customized to your situation and needs. Some things we might work on together: finding the space and time to grieve (however recent or long ago your mom died), identifying and honoring your mom’s legacy, planning for the tough days - Mother’s Day, holidays, birthdays, etc., and helping your children get to know your mother.


"My mom died several years ago and raising kids has been challenging without her. This group helped me work through my grief. Hearing other's stories made me feel less isolated/alone in my grief experience. Thank you Susanna for this supportive, safe space to really delve into this difficult topic!”

“Susanna led a beautiful, non-judgmental dialogue for our group each week. She helped us all tap into our individual stories so that we could move forward in our grief while also nurturing common threads so we didn't feel alone. It was such a wonderful, easy process and I feel so connected to the other women in our group!”

Services Offered

  • One-on-one Zoom grief coaching for motherless mothers​
  • Online support groups for motherless mothers
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