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Connect with Sandy

Sandy Linda

"Fearless Adventure"

New York City, New York

After experiencing multiple losses, my passion was supporting adult child grieving hearts that experienced parental and sibling loss.

About Sandy

At 40 faced with making an independent life choice. After going through multiple losses of both parents and a sibling in a short time, I wondered if I could repair my sense of self and feel okay to create a life adventure without my family’s presence.

The intensity of my feelings was overwhelming, and they spilled over into all aspects of my life. It seems there is no end to my grief cycle.

With a grief coach certification and a life coach credential from The Life Coach School, I will provide support, guidance, and encouragement as you navigate the painful and often confusing grief process.

I help women navigate new life experiences after going through heartbreaking loss and grief. I’m your answer when you’re ready to end the chaos and make every area of your life work for you. With my help, you will learn how to respond to challenging circumstances with more remarkable skills and deeper understanding.

Services Offered

  • One to One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
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