Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Pat Day-McCray

“A Pathway From Grief” provides grief coaching services to mothers after the death of their child. Together, we will use fundamental tools for a transformational process to assist mothers in deciding positive goals and developing an active plan to get to their desired outcome."

Area of Specialization: Death of a Child

Services Offered

One-on-one coaching:  Phone or video-conferencing

Group coaching:  In-person, phone, or video-conferencing


My first personal experience with death was at the age of seventeen years old.  It was during a road trip when my family’s vehicle was struck by a drunken driver.  I witnessed the death of my two younger brothers who were unable to escape the flames that engulfed our vehicle.  Years’ later, after enjoying a wonderful Father’s Day church service with my dad, I later found him unresponsive in his home due to a heart attack.  However, it was the death of my daughter Alicia that ultimately altered my life, and I willingly allowed grief to take me to a dark, silent place.


My daughter, Alicia Y. Day was born beautiful, happy, and healthy.  At the age of 1-1/2 she was hospitalized and over 90% of her intestines was identified as being gangrenous and had to be removed; requiring Alicia to wear a colostomy bag and being told she would have to be fed intravenously for the remainder of her life.  Alicia endured many surgeries during her life.  As she was recuperating from her last surgery, she lapsed into a coma; she remained comatose for the remaining ten months of her life.  She died four months prior to her fourth birthday due to complications related to Short Bowel Syndrome.


The level of grief I experienced after Alicia’s death was somehow different than that of my siblings and my father.


After years of believing I was hiding my grief, I decided to confront the grief that was absorbing my ability to make decisions about my future, as well as the emotional baggage of anger, resentment, and unforgiveness that came with it.  Through guidance from the Holy Spirit, I was able to overcome my grief and identify my life purpose and my destiny.


As a grief coach, I am passionate in serving others who may be experiencing a journey similar to what I shared with my daughter Alicia.  The life and death of my daughter not only inspired me to become a grief coach; I also…


  • Serve as a “Parental Advisor” to parents dealing with communicative issues with their children;
  • Hold a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for inventing “Therapeutic Organ Dolls,” dolls that explain before and after surgical procedures to children;
  • Founder and CEO of “Medically Inspired Reading About Challenging Life Experiences (MIRACLE) Online Bookstore, Inc.,” a customized genre of books that explain and introduce real-life medical illnesses, conditions, and circumstances to children.

Finally, as a divorcee’ I successfully raised my three children, Brandon, Bryant, and Brittany without fear of smothering them due to my past experiences with Alicia.  Nowadays, each of my children are flourishing in their careers and making an impact serving others.


You may ask, “What qualifies me to coach you?”  My answer is, “My life experiences and training qualifies me to assist you on your journey of grief due to the death of your loved one.  My years’ of successfully supporting moms and other individuals with my unique skills is evidence of my coaching abilities.” 

Today, I hope and pray that my journey encourages you to seek the help you need in identifying your life’s purpose, and creating a new normal after the death of your child.