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Michelle Gilchrist

MUrgel – Partnering to Navigate Life Transitions 

Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada

A member of the IOPGC Advisory Board, Michelle is an authentic and courageous trust partner – for those experiencing personal loss and grief; and for organizations that value people first through a culture of caring and compassion when death and unexpected events find their way into the workplace.

About Michelle

Personal lived experiences to navigate the twists and turns of grief through profound loss ignites Michelle to use these learnings in service to others. Professional accreditations and daily practice as a certified Grief Coach (Institute of Professional Grief Coaching) and certified Sacred Passage End of Life Doula (Conscious Dying Institute), enables Michelle to take a comforting approach for clients to become engaged, enlightened and emboldened to move themselves forward in ways they never thought possible. Michelle is a champion for holding her clients capable to heal from within.

In the corporate environment, Michelle has experienced firsthand the complexities that leaders and organizations face when unexpected events, like death, impact people and productivity.

Compiled in a library of professional expertise is dual credentialing as a Certified Executive Coach and a Workplace Grief Coach, acumen in strategic planning, human resources and leadership development applied across a professional inventory that spans healthcare, financial services, various legal disciplines, federal and regional government, insurance and media, as well as entrepreneurial sole proprietorship and non-profit community based organizations.

MUrgel will partner with you to dig deep, stretch beyond traditional ways of thinking and being, to move beyond a corporate desire to do better towards actioning we will do better. Together we would create and implement a compassionate and caring strategy that aligns your corporate values with leading practice policies, Workplace Grief training and supports for formal leaders, teams and individuals.

If you seek caring, compassion and competence, contact Michelle at MUrgel for a complimentary consultation. Join our global virtual community, where no borders exist.

Services Offered

  • Individual and Group Coaching
  • Corporate Consultations
  • Workplace Grief Workshops
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