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Lynn Lewis

Richmond, Virginia

As a survivor of suicide loss due to my son’s August 2019 death, I am on a mission to educate and inform our grief avoidance society that grief is a normal, natural, and necessary response to loss. My hope is that one day we will get to a place where we can freely talk about grief regardless of the type of loss.

About Lynn

As a From Grief to Gratitude Certified Grief Coach I love that I get to coach adults who are grieving the death of a loved one. They have acknowledged and accepted that the loss happened and are ready to move forward to live meaningful and impactful lives. As their coach, I guide them from a place of pain and heartbreak to peace and happiness and grief to gratitude. My clients leave me empowered and relieved knowing that their moving forward does not mean they have forgotten about their loved one. They recognize that grief will forever be a part of their lives, but it does not have to consume them.  

Services Offered

  • One-on-one grief coaching for adults
  • Talks on thriving in the aftermath of grief
  • Workshops on self-love from my lived experience
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