Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Heather D. Horton

I am Heather D. Horton, the CEO/Founder of The H-Squared Group, LLC, a location independent grief coaching and support practice. I help high-achieving professional women identify and work through blockages of unresolved grief in their personal and professional lives so that they can come to grips with their new normal and reclaim their power.  In addition to being a From Grief to Gratitude™ Certified Coach, I am an Advanced Grief Recovery Method® Specialist, a Certified Professional Diversity Coach and Certified Emotions Mentor.  I am an author, speaker and doTERRA Independent Wellness Advocate as well.

I am a native of Baton Rouge, LA and currently resides in Washington, DC. I have also lived in New Orleans, LA (Hurricane Katrina Overcomer), Phoenix, AZ and Greensboro, NC. I am an alumnus of Southern University, LSU Law Center and Georgetown University Law Center. I love attending sporting events, horseback riding, traveling the world, supporting the arts, zip-lining and spa retreats.

Services Offered:   

90-Day Intensive Reclaiming Your Power 1-on-1 Grief Coaching 

Reclaiming Your Power Mastermind beginning April 2019

The Grief Recovery Method® via Grief Online Support, Grief Support Groups & 1-on-1

The Grief Recovery Method® Helping Children With Loss Online Support, Grief Support Groups & 1-on-1

The Grief Recovery Method® Pet Loss Grief Online Support, Grief Support Groups and 1-on-1

Before August 5, 2017, I was a highly successful professional woman about to enter the ranks of Senior Executive status in the Federal government. I had checked all of the boxes to make sure I was successful in college, law school, my legal career.  But I realized that I had only been existing and not fully living.  I had money to buy and do any and everything I wanted, but I was not happy.  Relationship after relationship would end in breakups — when I even had the courage enough to put myself out there.  I threw myself into my work because that was the only space where I felt validated, even though as a woman of color such validation came at a high cost to my self-esteem and self-worth. 

On May 17, 2005, my life changed forever.  My mother died tragically in a car accident that I also survived.  I quickly had to learn how to live without the one person who loved me unconditionally and was my constant cheerleader for 33 years.  My injuries from the accident kept me homebound for months.  During that time all the losses that I had avoided dealing with were staring me in the face. I thought the answer to my situation was isolation—to run away from everyone and everything that reminded of my past.  Isolation only compounded my feelings of sadness and grief.  I then realized I needed to seek help outside of myself in order to move forward.  I slowly began to come out of my shell and seek help. I saw a psychologist for about five years and that did little, if anything, to address my grief.  

Saying YES to myself in becoming a Coach transformed my life.  Applying The Grief Recovery Method® to my own personal loss and relationships was quite profound and helped me to foster and maintain a true and authentic relationship with my father after my parents’ divorce and my mother’s tragic death. Furthermore, it has helped me to complete losses that occurred in other relationships and regain the ability to begin new relationships.  I am no longer attempting to replace or avoid past relationships as a result. 

"Heather touched every aspect of my life with her sincere, loving & personal attention to how my grief was bleeding over into everything. I now have tools to allow myself to grieve and charge an unmasked path forward both personally & professionally." ---Coaching Program Participant