Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Listed below are some of the National and/or local grief-related events that you may wish to participate in.

NATIONAL GRIEF AWARENESS MONTH.  Any person who has had a loved one die often feels alone in their grief, like nobody understands what they're going through. Experiencing a death can be overwhelming for anyone, no matter what age they are or beliefs they have. People experiencing grief need support. And the first step in that support is for people to become more aware of what grief stricken people are going through. read more
OUT OF THE DARKNESS WALK - AMERICAN FOUNDATION FOR SUICIDE PREVENTION.  The Out of the Darkness Walks are proof that when people work together they can make big changes in the world. They are AFSP’s largest fundraiser – they produce millions for suicide prevention programs, unite those who have been affected by suicide, and create communities that are smart about mental health.  read more
PREGNANCY AND INFANT LOSS AWARENESS DAY.  Remembering Our Babies was created to provide support, education and awareness for those who are suffering or may know someone who has suffered a miscarriage, an etopic pregnancy, a still birth, or the loss of an infant.  read more
CHILDREN'S GRIEF AWARENESS DAY.  Children's Grief Awareness Day is designed to help us all become more aware of the needs of grieving children — and of the benefits they obtain through the support of others. Children's Grief Awareness Day is an opportunity to make sure that grieving children receive the support they need.  read more
THE COMPASSIONATE FRIENDS WORLDWIDE CANDLE LIGHTING SERVICE.  Whether your family has had a child die (at any age from any cause) or you are trying to help those who have gone through this life altering experience, The Compassionate Friends exists to provide friendship, understanding, and hope to those going through the natural grieving process.  read more