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Egbert George

Owings Mills, Maryland

My name is Egbert George I'm a trained Chaplain as is my formal background. However within the past few years I've felt a deeper calling and drawing into the ministry of helping individuals through moments and situations of grief; as this was a significant ministry theme during my chaplaincy years. Thus I aligned myself and sought the necessary training and certification to better culture my gifting in this area. It culminated in being afforded an opportunity to pursue Grief Coaching certification. 

About Egbert

To the core I'm a helper, listener, friend and coach. I'm humbled and honored when an opportunity presents its self to journey with individuals assisting them in finding meaning, solace, peace and renewed self-worth through their moments of loss, trauma and grief. We're born into a world that subliminally and in some ways intentionally indoctrinates us that the attainment of material goods or whatever enhances our life circumstances are ideal; but this pale's in comparison with how well we've been taught to accept loss or to "let go." Intervals and moments of grief or loss in the human experience highlights our diminished awareness or grief and loss. However, darkness of grief and loss gives way to light and serves as an opportunity for growth, development and healthy human flourishing in the process of Grief Coaching. I'm committed at this juncture in my life and experience to being an avenue or medium of light to assist individuals in their journey and seasons of loss and grief to living a complete and well informed life!

Services Offered

  • Grief Coaching
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