Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Telephone:  00 974 77331965 

Clare Hadley, ACC

I am an International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC Certified Grief and Life Coach. I am passionate about supporting and helping others transform their own lives through my coaching practice so that they too can fulfil their dreams and live a life on purpose with no regrets. Through Coaching I learnt how to breathe through the discomfort of my grief, lean into the rawness of the moment and with support gain greater understanding and self-awareness. By choosing to come out of my head, out of the past, out of my future and into the present I can now live with intention, have no regrets and truly live.  

Areas of Specialization: Loss of loved one, loss of identity, loss of support network (expat).  Redundency and Life Coaching. 

Services Offered: I offer a free 20 minute sample session with no obligation to continue. Coaching can be one on one either face to face, or via zoom online or by email.

I have been a Professional ICF Coach for over 4 years and live in Qatar in the Middle East with my husband and two sons who are 15 and 12 years old. My husband and I are both British and still go home “UK” regularly, yet have been expats for many years. Our eldest son was born in The Bahamas and the youngest in Dubai, so home is very much where the heart is for me, rather than a specific place. We have met some amazing people from all corners of the globe and embrace the diversity of living in a multi cultural society. 


I am choosing to live a happy fulfilled life of no regrets. I learnt this whilst beginning the journey of retraining to be a Life Coach, when I got the horrific news that no one ever wants to hear, that of the death of a loved one. I was devastated.


The weight of loss may never go away but I have learnt how to carry it and I was fortunate to have Life Coaching to support, acknowledge, honour, challenge, champion and motivate me to be the best I can be, to live my life with no regrets, to honour my brother and to support and help others to embrace their lives.


I am passionate about supporting and helping others transform their own lives through my coaching practice so that they too can fulfil their dreams and live a life on purpose with no regrets. I noticed that I attracted clients who had experienced Grief in its rawest form, people who had experienced Grief on many levels not only death but also loss of earnings, loss of a job, loss of a life style, loss of friendships, loss of a partner and loss of identity so I decided to train as a certified Grief Coach.


So often it takes a tragedy to wake people up, be it the death of a loved one, redundancy, divorce, illness to name but a few. I provide people with the skills to cope better in difficult situations, to learn what they can change and what they can’t and ultimately to take responsibility for their own happiness.


Now as a Life and Grief Coach I choose to cultivate courage, compassion and connection within myself and others, to live wholeheartedly supporting others to love themselves enough and embrace their vulnerability in order to truly live. Grief Coaching is a process whereby your broken heart requires you to acknowledge the pain, accept the loss and take action to move forward with your life. The grief work is necessary to work through the many emotions of loss.


The pain of loss and the process of moving forward can be overwhelming, and a very difficult path to walk alone. I am not saying that you can’t do it alone, Grief is a journey, there are no wrong turns only paths we had not known we were meant to walk. I will journey beside you and as your coach I will help shift perspective of circumstances to an empowering viewpoint. Without help, guidance, and support many people remain stuck with their pain often unconsciously holding onto blocks of unresolved grief.


I am committed to helping others transform their lives both in the corporate world and in their personal lives, my real passion being to focus on empowering positive change, unlocking my clients true potential and restoring hope and purpose. Are you ready to give it a go? Contact me now for more information and for a free 1:1 sample session.