Grief is the journey . . .

  Gratitude is the destination

  From Grief to Gratitude

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Cecelia D. Harkness, MPA

As a professional coach, and a certified From Grief to Gratitude Coach, I am honored to bring my skills, compassion, and empathy to support you as you cope with the many emotions of grief.   I will walk side by side with you and support you in doing the grief work that helps move you through the dark tunnel of grief until the light begins to shine.  The light brings with it gratitude for having had the opportunity to share love, and gratitude for the gift of now.   

Services Offered:

One-on-one coaching

Skype/Facebook messenger/FaceTime
Group coaching
Group presentations

“Should you shield the valleys from the windstorms, you would never see the beauty of their canyons.”  Elizabeth Kubler Ross     



I understand how difficult it can be to live in the “new normal” after someone you loved has passed away.     Twenty- six years ago my 4 ½ year old nephew passed away in a tragic accident while he played at my house.  His mom, my twin sister, was not there at the time, and she pulled into my driveway to find an ambulance preparing to take her son to the hospital.   Our small children witnessed this tragedy and that would haunt them for a long time.  It took our families prolonged years of work, prayer, and forgiveness to heal from this tragedy.   


Last year my Mom passed. I thought I was prepared.  It was a year first filled with hope as she survived major heart surgery, and then sadness as we watched her kidneys slowly fail, her body become weak, but her mind completely aware as she comprehended how ill she was.    My heart broke as I cared for her and I assisted this formerly strong and independent woman.   I witnessed her courage as she fought as hard as she could, and never complained once.   The pain in my heart seemed unbearable after she passed.    


The experience with my Mom led me to "From Grief to Gratitude Coaching Certification" so I could learn to cope with my feelings of loss.  Her passing also triggered a passion in me to  learn more about the grieving process so I could become a  support to others in their grief journey.  I know the positive impacts that coaching can have in your life.  Four years ago, I enrolled in an ICF coach accredited training program and received a PC certification from Duquesne University so I could become part of a profession that embraces and supports individuals and groups in envisioning the possibilities in life and going for them.

We are all here to learn and support each other and I am ready to support you as you move forward on your journey from grief to gratitude.