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Amy Doman

Potomac, Maryland

Living with the loss of her mother in her early twenties and recently becoming a motherless-mother, she has been unfortunately reminded how society still has a lot of work to do in the grief space. She realized during her journey that motherless-mothers need more support before and after delivery of their baby. OBGYN’s and Pediatricians need more education around how to communicate to their patients that are new mothers that are mother-less or dealing with loss.

About Amy

This journey led her to coaching about grief. Amy is a certified grief coach, certified substance abuse counselor-assistant (CSAC-A), and a graduate from George Mason University in Organizational Health Management. She is a graduate of Dora Carpenter’s From Grief to Gratitude Coach Certification Program IOPGC. In addition, she has graduated from the Grief Training program led by Claire Bidwell-Smith and Hope Edelman for mental health professionals and coaches with emphasis on mother loss.She has also volunteered for Hope Edelman’s book launch of “The After Grief” about the long arch of grief.

Amy’s work has been featured in Washington City Paper and is a guest contributor on blogs about grief and loss.

Services Offered

  • Amy offers grief coaching that is unique to your situation.
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