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Abigaile Maberry


Marion, Texas

About Abigaile

Hello friend! My name is Abigaile Maberry. I am a South Texas mom of two beautiful girls, 2 handsome boys that we claim as our own, and Mammaw to a precious little boy. I have been happily married to my best friend, Bill, for 28 years. I am also a published children’s author who loves family time and our many animals.


In 2017 I began working with families and children facing major medical battles and started 501c3, Light Work 316, Inc. to focus on assisting in greater capacity. After the loss of several of our Light Work children, I began looking for ways to help not only our families, but also myself to process the grief, we were all becoming acquainted with. Becoming a grief coach immediately filled a space in my heart that I never knew I was missing.


I am honored to be part of such a sacred part of the lives of every person who shares their story with me. Grief comes into all of our lives in some form. Whether the grief we are feeling is from the loss of a job, a relationship, or a life that we love, every loss is an opportunity to learn and grow in our journey. Grief is a totally normal part of life but it can be difficult to navigate alone.


No matter how strong we are, we can each benefit from having a friend to walk that part of our journey with us. I strive to be that person for anyone who trusts me with their sorrow. I am here to walk with you and to help you see the blessing of each season in life and to embrace the lesson and continue the legacy of every chapter with gratitude and hope for what the future holds.


  • ​​Loss of your child

  • Loss of job, opportunity, or relationship

  • Medical Diagnosis Sorrow

  • Pre-bereavement

  • Marriage strain due to grief

  • Family strain due to grief

  • Childhood grief due to loss

  • General life coaching/honoring legacy

  • Celebration of life services

  • Support group facilitation

  • Workplace grief training

  • Grief education

  • Speaking engagements

Offers Complimentary Discovery Calls

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